Culinary Adventures

... Indulge your senses to be part of one of the oldest and richest culinary traditions in the world...

...Luxury and Pleasure of the Spirit has preoccupied Greek philosophers for centuries and has been a fundamental aspect of wining and dining…with GREAT PATHOS!!!

..The Hellenic cuisine is one of the many great gifts that the Ancient Greeks contributed to the modern world.

Our culinary tours are a part of your cultural exploration of Greece…..

... Experience the sights, the sounds and tastes, the soothing waters, and Apollo's everlasting rays that enriched the food and wine of this glorious land for thousands of years, and forevermore delighting the palate, the heart and the soul…

Suggested itineraries:
-Culinary Stories (Athens - Crete), 8 days

-Culinary and Wine Tour of Greece, 8 days

Wine Tour of Greece, 10 days

-Individual Customized package
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